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Serving the Roaring Fork Valley 

for quite some time.

Let Me Introduce Myself

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With over 35 years of experience entertaining for all types of events both large & small, I am now only accepting inquiries for events of a maximum of about 225 guests. 

As my aka would suggest, I'm great at disco, classic rock & oldies but I like to describe my style as "cross genre & generational pop" so I also have & can play today's pop & country.

I have no employees or surrogates which means that once booked, you cannot be switched to a different DJ later but it also means that you should respond quickly as other inquiries may come in for the same date as your event, especially if on a Saturday.

You will have guidance thru the process of hiring me but it doesn't stop there.  If you decide to choose me as your deejay, along with a contract you will receive an appropriate guide for your event.

Let's see if I am the perfect DJ for your event!

Professional Equipment




One of my first considerations when trying to come up with an accurate bid is to figure out what the equipment system requirements will be. It all begins with minimum equipment systems.


If your event is at a venue that has an "adequate for dancing" speaker system in place, which I can easily connect into, then the Club System should be sufficient. Essentially, its just the equipment displayed atop the black, skirted table above.  There is a microphone for me as well as a wired microphone for participant use.


The E-200 System includes all the equipment included in the Club System plus 2 speakers adequate for up to around 200 attending guests, the wired microphone is replaced with a wireless mic for participant use & I come self-contained with my own table & chair.  

Basically all that you can see in the above image.

3 levels of Service


Budget Services

If my function is to just play music, with little pre-event planning or preparation required & no MC duties or announcements required of me at the event, then my bid for the service portion will be lowest.   [This service level is not available for weddings]


Standard Services

If your event requires more than what I offer with Budget Services but not nearly what would be required, say, for a typical wedding, then you should choose Standard Services.  

a first dance

Premium Wedding Services

Clearly this could be the most "challenging" of any type of event for any deejay with allot of pre-wedding planning, preparation & participation by me at your event.  If however you can convince me that yours will be relatively simple, perhaps Standard Services will be adequate.

The Process

a. Shortly after receiving your inquiry, expect me to respond with some additional 

PRE-CONTRACTUAL QUESTIONS", as I will not likely have enough information about you & your event to give you my lowest & most accurate bid.  All the items will help guide you through the process of organizing your event with me (or any DJ).  It's basic information I need in order to figure out what equipment will be required, the kind of service you want 

& if any extras or incidentals are needed. 

b. After receiving your response with the answered questions, I can reply with my recommended package & bid.  If you then decide that I am the perfect deejay for your event & agree on the price, I'll email you a contract & a guide appropriate for your event type.  

The guide asks for additional information I need about you, your event & also enables us to create an agenda.  For payment details, see "PAYMENTS & PAYMENT METHODS" below.

c. Then after I receive both the signed contract & your non-refundable deposit, I can send you a music list appropriate for your service [see an example below].  The music list is a sort of musical map for me (remember, this is after all about you & your needs).  Dependent upon the complexity of your event, all items in the guide [also viewable below] need to be addressed no later than 1 to 2 weeks prior to your event.  It's the same for the list if you think it's particularly important that I have all the titles you may want.

d. You will have unlimited phone & email support & if your event is like most weddings, we will need to speak at least once so that I am clear about everything such as the pronunciation of names.

e. If you choose Standard or Premium level services, your music lists contain a New & Hot section. You can choose to receive an update to that section as we get close to your event date.

f. One week prior to your event, I always send a courtesy reminder that includes an invoice with the balance due.  Then I'll see you at the event & we party!

g. Any items in the agenda can be changed at the event.  I can also take requests from participants unless you choose not to allow them to do so.  In both cases, I should be given 10 or 15 minutes advance notice in order for all to run smoothly.

h. Lastly, the balance is due by the end of performance of services.  You can also expect a follow-up email from me.


My bids are based on these anticipated factors

  • What equipment will I need to do the job?
  • How much time, effort & expense in traveling, setting up & breaking down at your venue will there be?
  • How much time, expense & effort will I have to spend in my office?
  • What level of involvement will be required of me during my performance?
  • Are you paying by check, cash or credit card?

All these factors are figured into my minimum of 3 performance hours but there is a 4-hours minimum on Holidays & market pricing between December 25th & January 1st.


Equipment Installation costs

No travel or motel stay fees for events within about a 1-hour drive of Woody Creek, CO 81656. Set up & break down from my vehicle directly into your venue is included. Free parking not within 200 yards of the venue can result in additional charges. 

A. The Club System is $50.

B. The Event-200 System is $200.

 EQUIPMENT EXTRAS:  If it is determined that a single extra speaker is required for sound support in a separate area for something like a wedding ceremony or music in a different room, I can provide it.   I also have an all-LED light show.  A tent, which I have, is required for all outdoor events when I cannot be protected from the elements under your tent.

All at additional an flat fee of $99 each. 

Service Level costs

  1. Budget Services: $250 (1st 3 hours)
  2. Standard Services: $400 (1st 3 hours)
  3. Premium Wedding Services; $600 (1st 3 hours)

After which, I charge $100 per hour for service between noon & 10pm, $140/hr. between 10pm & midnight and $200/hr. between midnight & 2am all when service is booked in advance.

Sequentially, $120/hr, $180/hr. & $260/hr. when extending at the event so be sure to book all the time you'll need in advance for lower costs!


Possible Credits

1 credit limit on Saturdays. 2 credits on Fridays & Sundays. No Limit Mondays thru Thursdays. Maximum number of credits are subject to the minimum package price & are not applicable to      A La Carte extras.

  • Off-Season [4/15 – 5/31 & 10/1-11/30] credit: $50.00
  • Monday-Thursday credit: $50
  • Local Employee Party credit: $50.00
  • Military/1st Responder Wedding credit: $50.00
  • Charity/Bereavement credit: up to $150.00

Except for New Years, I am no longer accepting requests for events between the hours of 12am & 10am.

**Wedding Special**

a wedding thank you


Includes the E-200 System & Premium Wedding Services for 4 performance hours between noon & 10pm, an additional speaker for something like a wedding ceremony nearby & an all LED Light show or DJ only tent.

. The check price for this is $999.

Wedding Video

Here is a link to a video compilation I created from recent weddings.

Party Video

Here is a link to a video compilation I created from last year's events.

My Email Questionnaires

Here are the 2 examples of the email questions I'll need answered, appropriate for your event type, in order to be able to give you my lowest & most accurate bid.  

You can download the appropriate document but it would be easier if you allow me to send you the actual email.

Event Pre-Contractual Questions (docx)


Wedding Pre-Contractual Questions (docx)



Here are 2 free examples of the 3 music lists I provide.  

Although you can use these if you will be hiring me, it would be best if you allow me to send you the most updated WORD version.

If you do not want any restrictions placed on your event & the largest list I provide, choose Premium Services.

Party & Wedding Guides

Examples of the guides you'll receive can be found here.

Event Guide 07.31.18 (pdf)


Wedding Guide 07.31.18 (pdf)


Payment Methods


I will require a non-refundable deposit between $200 & $400 to secure my services & I do accept payments by credit card via PayPal & Square but my bids will be lower if all payments are made by check or in cash.  If you are able to choose the cash payment option, a required meeting will need to be scheduled within 1 week of the contract date. 

You will have 1 week to look over the contract & pay the deposit when choosing to do so by credit card & 2 weeks to return the signed contract & deposit if paying by check.  As stated previously, you should book all the performance time you need in advance as rates will be higher if you extend at the event.

* If you will require me to have liability insurance, there will be an additional fee, currently anticipated to be $59.


Contact Me

Providing local dj services including dj services in Aspen, dj services in Glenwood Springs & the surrounding areas since 1984. All kinds of events including wedding dj services.

Or call me now at;

DJ Dan Kinney

(970) 923-6506


a wedding

Although I do have references available upon request, I might suggest that you consider contacting one of my preferred venues or vendors below.

BUMPS AT BUTTERMILK:  Aspen, CO; 970.920.0991

DEBRA DOYLE PLANNER:  Basalt, CO; 970.618.5750

THE REDSTONE INN:  Redstone, CO; 970.963.2526

EUROPEAN CATERERS/Steve McKinney:  Aspen, CO; 970.920.4262

FLYING DOG RANCH RETREAT:  Carbondale, CO; 970.309.5256


LARRY MACINTIRE CATERER: Aspen, CO; 970.925.3739

JANE FLOYD ASSOCIATES:  Snowmass Village, CO; 970.923.2333

THE AVALANCHE RANCH:  Redstone, CO; 970.963.2846

THE LITTLE NELL EVENTS TEAM:  Aspen, CO; 970.920.6382

KIDTOONS/Tammy Baar:  Aspen, CO; 970.379.7721

GREG & KATH PHOTOGRAPHY:  Carbondale, CO; 970.963.0721

NESHAMA CENTER/Rabbi Yitzhak:  Aspen, CO; 970.925.9568